Do you offer any custom trips?

Yes - all of our trips are fully customizable! 

Contact us with the trip of your dreams, whether it's an extra hour or two on the water or a combination sail & snorkel.

What should I bring with me?

Please remember to bring a photo ID with you for all of our trips!

For sailing excursions, we recommend that you bring appropriate sun protection (reef-safe sunscreen, hat, sunglasses) and your camera. We have limited quantities of sunscreen on board if you forget.

For any excursions where you might be getting in the water, we recommend that you bring a towel & wear your bathing suit. We do have a small bathroom on board for changing & bathroom breaks, but it can only fit one at a time, so wearing what you need to get in the water will ensure you can enjoy as much time in it as possible.

If you'd like anything other than soda or water, we also welcome you to pack any snacks or beverages you might want, including adult beverages for our guests of legal age. We have coolers stocked with ice and plenty of dry storage on board.

Am I guaranteed to see wildlife on each snorkel or dive?

We are so lucky that most days and most locations in the Keys are teeming with life, just like you see in pictures. However, like all water-based activities, we're at the mercy of Mother Nature and seeing the sea life you want to see is never guaranteed. Your captain will do his best to choose a location with the highest likelihood and the best conditions, but your safety is our utmost priority and may limit what locations we can explore.

Are there any age restrictions?

All of our excursions are family friendly, and we can accommodate those of all ages, but if you have a traveler that is under 12 years of age, we ask that they have an adult with them at all times. 

Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Depending on where we are (state or federal waters), children under 12 may be required to wear a life jacket at all times.

We ask that all of our guests that are snorkeling or diving wear either a USCG-approved life jacket (provided for you) or a BCD when in the water.

Do I have to snorkel or dive if I book a non-sailing excursion?

Not at all, though if you book a snorkel or a dive excursion, the price is the same for the group.

Do you allow alcoholic beverages on board?

Yes, though we do ask that you show your ID to prove you're of legal age and that you're finished snorkeling or diving before partaking.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your trip is cancelled by the Captain due to weather then you will receive a full refund or option to re-book on another date based on availability.

We are unable to issue refunds for reservations cancelled within 72 hours. Please note that failure to show for the reserved trip without cancellation will also result in no refund. 

Should I tip the crew?

Gratuity for the crew is customary, and it is always very much appreciated! It's not included in the fee for your trip, so if you think they did a good job, please do remember them at the end of your sail. 

Do you offer discounts for first responders?

Yes! We offer discounts for all first responders, including police, fire, armed forces and emergency services.

Contact us for details.

Does you boat have a bathroom?

Yes! Our vessel is equipped with small bathroom you can use for bathroom breaks or to change.